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As you might have spotted,  our cruise naming conventions are all over the place - we've just been asked if we can fit in another cruise around these dates - hence here we are with 'cruise 19c'...

We'll start at Apperley Bridge (opposite the marina on the towpath side) and commence our journey in the afternoon. 

Ascending Dobson locks, we'll head out towards Shipley.  Depending on timings, we'll either moor for the evening on the outskirts of Shipley or possibly in the visitor moorings.

Next morning,  we continue our journey - mooring for an lunch in Saltaire so guests can have a quick look around the town... after which, we'll  ascend the Bingley 3 and 5 Rise locks before we retire for the day.

Our next journey will be the long pound between Bingley and Skipton - LOTS of swing bridges await us so we'll need to ensure we've all had our Wheatabix... don't worry though, many hands  do make light work and if needs be, we'll rope in some passers by too!

We'll spend our final evening moored in the Centre of Skipton  in preparation for our guests departure the following morning after breakfast - After which, we'll be turning around to get the boat back to where we need in Shipley, for the next guest to join us in a few days time.



6th-9th October 2019 - (3 nights)

From:  Apperley Brifge (Leeds & Liverpool Canal)

To:     Skipton (Leeds & Liverpool Canal)

Apperley Bridge to Skipton