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We’re inserting a 2 night  trip from the top of Bingley 5 Rise to Skipton – VIA, Gargrave.  This is because of a request to move  cruise 19 a week earlier and as such, we’ve now got a bit of a gap to fill.

 We’ll leave Bingley and chug the lock free pound through Riddlesden, Keighley and aim to spend our first evening  on the outskirts of Silsden.  The absence of locks in this stretch doesn’t detract from the lovely scenery as we glide along… there’ll still be plenty of the  swing bridges the  Leeds & Liverpool is famous for.  Hopefully the weather will be kind and not throw too much wind at us !

Our 2nd day will take us through Skipton and up through 3 locks to the winding hole at Gargrave, before returning to Skipton for our final nights mooring.  


Bingleyto Skipton (via Gargrave)  £195 pp

28th to 30th September 2019 (2nights)

From:  Bingley Top 

           (Leeds and Liverpool Canal)

To:      Skipton

           (Leeds and Liverpool canal)

Via Gargrave.