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Whilst we hope to ensure your narrow boat holiday experience is as relaxed and informal as possible, we do need to set out some simple terms and conditions... boat life is more about cooperation and community than a set of rules to follow.

That said, here are a few basic guidelines that by making a booking you and us are agreeing to:

We’ll make you as welcome as possible and take as good care of you as we can – in exchange for mutual respect and  you embracing our life afloat!

Booking deposit:

By pressing “buy now” against the dates of your choice you are asked to pay a BOOKING RESERVATION of £150 per BOOKING – not person. (£200 for 2021 bookings)  This deposit secures the dates requested and will trigger an email within 24 hours, containing a booking form for you to complete and return.   This is a non-returnable deposit and the booking is not confirmed until you have returned the booking  form.


Once we have received your deposit and completed booking form, an invoice will be sent out via email for payment of the balance.  It will be in the form of a Paypal invoice but you are also able to make payment by bank transfer – just ask for our account details at the time of booking.

FULL payment is required no later than 10 weeks before departure date. 

Cancellations and amendments (by you):

If you need to to cancel or change a booking we shall try and be as cooperative as we can – wherever possible we will hope to be able to re-sell your dates.  If we have been able to, then a full refund (excluding the booking deposit) will be made.  In the event of us NOT being able to re-sell your original reservation, the following charges will be applicable:

No of days before trip “start date” cancellation notice received                                 Cancellation Charge

                                             7 days or less                                                                        100% of total price

                                             8 to 28 days                                                                          75% of total price

                                             29 to 56 days                                                                        50% of total price

                                             56 days or more                                                                   £150 non-returnable booking                                                                                                                                                     deposit.(£200 -2021 bookings)


Whist we hope you will find the cancellation charge fair and reasonable, we would however strongly advise all our guests to ensure they have taken out holiday insurance  to cover all unexpected events such as accident, ill health or death to themselves or close family member that might prevent travel and thus cover the cancellation charges above.


Cancellations and amendments (by us):

In the event that WE have to cancel a booking due to circumstances beyond our control, ALL monies paid to us INCLUDING the Booking deposit will be refunded in full.  We will not  however accept any liability for any additional costs incurred such as transport to or from embarkation or disembarkation points.

We reserve  the right to terminate a passenger's cruise should that person in the opinion of the master of the vessel have placed the boat, equipment or passengers in danger of damage or injury by ignoring the advice or restrictions imposed in order to protect against such damage or injury to persons or property whilst travelling with us.

We also reserve the right to expel any person found smoking inside the boat, or anyone who in the opinion of the master of the vessel exhibits behaviour disruptive to the group.

No compensation or refund will be paid for cruise time or facilities cancelled due to this action.


Occasionally, canals are closed at short notice due to emergency repairs or drought or rivers because of flood.

Should a closure occur which affects one or more of our cruises, we'll will make every effort to re-route the boat and will inform guests accordingly. Guests will have no claim and in particular no right of cancellation should re-routing be necessary due to the above circumstances.

Embarkation & Disembarkation:

We have purposefully built a bit of redundancy into our cruise schedule to allow for a certain amount of emergency leeway for embarkation and disembarkation purposes.  There may be occasions when due to circumstances beyond our control, deviation from the dates and/or locations quoted may be necessary.  Hopefully such occurrences will be avoided but in the event they are not, we would request your cooperation and understanding.    

 We would appreciate if guests arrive around 1.30pm on the first day of the trip – things don’t always go to plan so we’ll hope to be flexible enough to go with the flow.  Communication is key though so please, keep in touch by telephone if you experience any difficulties.

We reserve the right to change the suggested embarkation or disembarkation places for operational reasons but wherever possible will discuss with you and treat your requirements as our priority.


When it comes to leaving the boat – because it is our intention to spend a few days  around the disembarkation locality before our next guests arrive, we’ll try and be flexible but generally appreciate guests leaving shortly after breakfast.  Should you wish to leave your luggage on-board , thus leaving you free to explore unencumbered  whilst waiting for a train or friend/relative to pick you up, you are more than welcome to do so.



We shall not be liable to pay any compensation, damages, costs or expenses for any claim arising from any cause beyond our reasonable control which could not have been mitigated or avoided by the us including but not limited to:

                                   Loss of or damage to any person’s property;
                                   Non-fulfilment, interruption or delay to the Booking;
                                   Mechanical problems,Breakdowns, defects or  damage to the boat;
                                   Restrictions on cruising, obstructions, repairs, damage or closure of waterways, non-availability of                                           routes, navigational works, storms, floods, droughts, ice, shortage of water or other weather or                                               climactic conditions;
                                   Rationing, shortage or non-availability of fuel;
                                   Consequential loss, damage or expense which you incur including the cost of alternative transport,                                           accommodation or other holiday provision.


No animals are permitted onboard * The Captain DOES has a soft spot for well behaved and CLEAN dogs... if you are prepared to clean up after them, they may be accepted in exchange for a nice bottle of Gin !

Smoking or Vaping:

Smoking or vaping is not permitted inside the boat – you are welcome to smoke outside on the bow or stern so long as external doors front and back remain closed for the duration.

Personal Hygiene and shared facilities

We appreciate this is an unusual item to have in a “terms and conditions” section but as the boat is our home, feel it important none the less.

 A 57ft narrow boat is a confined space and as such, all crew and guests are expected to maintain ‘pleasant levels' of personal hygiene. We will ensure  the boat has hot water available for all passengers and crew to shower daily.

 The ‘main’ bathroom will be for guests exclusive use overnight but the crew (that’s us) will require access to shower facilities daily...We’ll endeavour to make use of this when under-way so as to minimise the disruption to your quiet enjoyment of the facilities and don't worry - neither Captain (or crew) ask you to scrub their backs ;-)

 Your Party & accommodation:

The boat only sleeps 2 guests at a time – in the front cabin which contains a king-size cross bed that will be made up/put away daily by the crew if desired.   Please be aware that as you sleep latitudally guests of more 5ft 11” may take a few days to get used to the restricted space… luckily the bed is wider than most found on boats so it’s usually possible to adopt a diagonal position for those not used to curling their legs up. 

 Wardrobe space is limited to approximately 18 inches of hanging rail.  You are requested NOT to bring suitcases as there is nowhere to store them on-board.  Holdalls are more easily squashed into the bottom of a wardrobe.  Clean bedding and towels are provided and should you wish to bring your own pillow/s you are welcome to do so.

 The boat has USB charging points and 230v mains power throughout .  When underway, up to 3kws of ‘mains’ power can be provided for a short time by the inverter.  There is a 1600 watt hairdryer on-board which may be used when the engine is running.  We also have a category E microwave, Electric (and gas) kettles and  Electric toaster available in the galley.  For overseas visitors on longer trips, we also have an automatic washing machine and separate tumbler drier which may be used if needed. 

 Safety Equipment & policy:

 For guests wishing to wear them, we have self-inflating automatic life-jackets available.  The usual life ring and throw lines are stored on the roof.  The ships master is the nominated first-aider and we have the required HSE first-aid kit on board.

 In addition to first aid equipment, we also have an AED  (automated external defibrillator) which we HOPE we’ll never have to use but it does give us some extra peace of mind.

 Each evening when mooring up, the crew will make a note of our location along with the nearest road access and also gps data which may be given to emergency services in the unlikely event of needing emergency assistance. 


That’s all gotten a bit serious and long winded hasn’t it?

 It would have been easier just to say: