15th- 20th July 2020 (5 nights) 


From:        Whitchurch (Llangollen Canal)


To:             Ellesmere Port (Shropshire                                Union Canal)





​                        Grindley Broook,

​                        Beeston Castle Wharf,

​                        Ellesmere Port Boat Museum

Ellesmere Port
Whitchure to Ellesmere port

After a couple of days 'loitering' (with little intent ), the boat will be clean and tidy and ready for our next guests to join us.

Depending on what time they arrive, we may either overnight wherever we're moored, or chug for a couple of hours and get back onto the mainline.

Our first full day will find us tackling about 10 locks (including Grindley Brook Lower locks), passing over 2 aqueducts and passing through 3 moveable bridges before we moor up for the day around Wrenbury Mill.

After a (hopefully peaceful night) we'll cast off next morning and continue northwards and aim to end the day around Wardle Service station. It'll be an easy day (excepting possible queues) and we'll travel around 8-9 miles through about 9 locks (including Hurleston).

Hopefully, before we depart the next morning, we'll be able to get on to the water point nice and early to top up the tank.. if it's looking a bit busy, we'll enforce 'submarine showers' (think hose-pipe ban) and make our way along the Shropshire Union canal (Chester Canal to Bunbury) – a little father to travel today – probably around 12-13 miles but we're in no rush... we'll get to where we need to be... eventually.

Our final full day's travel will find us chugging for around 10 miles and into Ellesmere Port. We'll TRY and moor near the museum to give our guests a chance to explore before they leave following breakfast the next morning...

People's opinion on Elllesmere can be subjective – it varies between “oh what interesting place- steeped in History” to “it's a toilet”... AS YET we have NO idea as this is another 'new bit' to us so we'll form our own opinions when we experience it for ourselves... we'll take advice of course but generally, you get a feel for a place on arrival and make mooring decisions based on that... it's never going to be the wild west is it?

Whitechurch to Ellesmere Port £600pp

Ellesemere Port Museum