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6th -8th June 2021 (2 nights)


From:   Llangollen Basin (Llangollen canal) 


To:       Chirk Bank (Llangollen Canal)


Via       Pontcysycllte Aqueduct




                   Chirk Aqueduct,

                   Chirk Tunnel

                   Pontcysyllte Aqueduct,


                   Horeshoe Falls

As already mentioned, we've decided to devote much of our 2021 season to the Llangollen Canal... as the year marches on, the canal is renowned for becoming busier. With that in mind, rather than feel under pressure to get from A-B-C-D with time constraints, we're going to break it up into shorter sections that always include The World Heritage Site that is the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct (we're going to HAVE to learn how to pronounce that)...

With that in mind, we'll expect our guests to arrive early afternoon on the first day and once introductions are complete, we'll begin our journey from the basin down to Trevor. As the canal is very narrow in places, it makes sense to send someone ahead (with a walkie talkie ) to check the coast is clear and/or ask any opposing traffic to hold water at a wider point where we can pass.

Once safely through the narrows, we'll take a right turn and chug over the World Heritage Site that is the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct.  After we've gone over the aqueduct, we'll try and tie up for the day  at  Froncysyllte (another one we can't say) so our travelling companions can take a walk down below the aqueduct for a photo opportunity if they wish... don't worry – the walk ISN'T compulsory.

Next day,we'll continue our journey – first passing through the Whitehouse Tunnel (191 yards) then Chirk Tunnel (459 yards) and Chirk Aqueduct. We'll aim to tie up as soon as we can to facilitate a visit to the beautiful Chirk Castle and once tied up, we'll send a crew member ahead to see if we can get in at Chirk Visitor Bank (Monks Bridge for a more convenient departure the next day) whilst we prepare the evening meal... if not, we'll stay put and then chug on to drop the guests off following breakfast the following morning.

It's a very short cruise … more of an excuse to go over the aqueduct really but as a Taster, it's perfect.

Llangollen to Chirk £250 pp

Via Pontcysyllte Aqueduct 
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