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13th - 19th September 2021 (6 nights)

From:  Market Harborough
            (Grand Union Leicester 


To:      Bedworth (Coventry Canal)

Via:     Coventry, Oxford
            & Grand Union Canals.



Market Harborough.
Foxton Locks & Museum,
Watford Staircase,
Norton Junction,

Hawkesbury Junction,

Depending on the mooring situation in Market Harborough, we may have chugged out of town for a few days before returning to collect out guests about 1.30pm on the 13th September. After introductions (and perhaps a glass of something fizzy) we'll pull ropes and chug off towards Foxton Locks. Depending on timings,we'll either spend our first night together moored at the top of the flight or the bottom if we've made good enough progress.


Next morning after breakfast, we'll meander our way southwards - possibly taking a detour down the Welford Arm and aim to finish our day near or at Crick. If we've detoured, it'll be a longer day than normal but it shouldn't be too taxing, assuming that is, we tackled Foxton the night before.


Watford Staircase will be in our sights the following day and when we make the turn at Norton Junction, we'll leave the Leicester section and join the Grand Union Mainline.


Once through Braunston Tunnel (it's two way traffic so fingers crossed we don't meet another boat coming through) we'll work our way down Braunston Locks and probably moor for the night wherever we can get in – perhaps a visit to the Boathouse pub will be in order.


The following morning after breakfast, we'll depart and at Braunston turn, join the Oxford canal for our journey Northwards - probably aiming for Rugby before nightfall. Next morning, we'll continue our (sometimes slow due to online moorings) journey north westerly and spend our penultimate night together around Ansty.


Leaving Ansty, our final full days journey will take us to Hawkesbury Junction and if we've time, we might make the detour into Coventry Basin … the motor museum there used to be free but alas is now £14 pp... a little steep for the captain so on that vain, we'll not hang around there long but wind and make the final leg of our journey to Bedworth .


We'll aim to moor around bridge 13 to make access to the train station easier when our guests depart after breakfast the following morning.

This trip made up of 52 miles, of narrow canals; 4 miles, of broad canals; 21 narrow locks; 6 broad locks.


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Via: Coventry, Oxford
& Grand Union Canals.
(Braunston,Crick& Foxton Locks)
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