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3rd - 10th September 2021 (7 nights)

From:  Coventry Basin

            (Coventry Canal)

To:      Market Harborough 

           (Grand Union)

Via:     Coventry, Oxford
           & Grand Union Canals.


Coventry Basin,
Hawkesbury Junction,
Norton Junction,
Watford Staircase,

Foxton Locks & Museum,
Market Harborough

Taking a few days off, we'll have cleaned and re-stocked the boat and then moved on to Coventry Basin for a couple of days – the moorings here are only 48 hours, so once our new guests arrive about 1.30pm, we'll chug off and make our way to Hawkesbury Junction and turn right on to the Oxford Canal. We'll aim to tie up somewhere around Carters Bridge (bridge 11) if we can – it's as far away as we can get from the motorways but still a little close to ensure a peaceful night.


Next morning after breakfast (and having perhaps removed our earplugs) top up the water tank near Ansty village and then chug off towards Rugby, passing through Newbold Tunnel (250 yards) – perhaps mooring for a quick pint after lunch in The Boat Inn before we chug on as far as Hillmorten before tying up for the day.


Our Journey continues in a southerly direction through Hillmorton Locks with Braunston in our sights for tonight's mooring to explore the village. Hopefully there'll be room for us to tie up near the pub – if not, we'll squeeze in somewhere at the bottom of the lock flight in preparation tomorrow...


After breakfast, we'll work our way through the famous lock flight and then pass under Braunston Tunnel – it's 2042 yards long and 2 way traffic... we'll hope not to meet another boat coming through! Lunch today will probably be around Norton Junction, where we'll turn left on to the Leicester Section of the Grand Union Canal – probably mooring for the night at the top of Watford Staircase or a little farther on before the approach to Crick Tunnel.


Next morning, we'll pass through the aforementioned tunnel (1528 yards) pausing for an hour or so to explore the village – famous for the annual Crick Boat show. Depending on how long we've paused in Crick, we'll chug on after lunch and either moor out in the sticks somewhere around Downtown Bridge or if the weather is favourable (and we're all in agreement) maybe go on a bit father and explore the Welford Arm (just to mark it off on the map)


Our penultimate days travel will see us pass under Husband Bosworth Tunnel (1166 yards) and then right at the end of the day we'll pen our way through the famous Foxton Locks before we tie up for the day at the inclined plane access junction.



After breakfast and perhaps a visit to the site of the inclined plane, we'll complete our journey into Market Harborough around lunchtime. Mooring here a little earlier in the day should mean there'll be time for our guests to explore the town before our final dinner together....We'll say goodbye after breakfast the following morning as they return home or continue their travels independently,


This trip is 57 miles, of narrow canals, 4 miles of broad canals, 21 narrow locks and 6 broad locks.  


Via: Coventry, Oxford
& Grand Union Canals.
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