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24th - 31st August 2019

From:      Shawhall (Huddersfield Narrow


To:          Huddersfield (Huddersfield

          Narow Canal/Huddersfield

          Broad Canal)

HIGHLIGHTS:     Diggle,

                   Saddleworth Museum,

                   Standedge Tunnel &

                   Visitor Centre,





​Shawhall - Huddersfield

After a few days in the Shawhall area readying the boat for our next guests, depending on what time they arrive, we shall cast off on a leisurely cruise towards Saddleworth Fold and spend our first evening together.  We’ve a  flight of 11 locks to pen through the next day in readiness to be at the Diggle portal of Standedge Tunnel for Monday mornings transit. Diggle is a quiet but very scenic little place and we’ll have plenty of time to look around.

The skipper may need sedation as we pass through the Standege Tunnel (5686yards) but once through, we’ll try and stop on the visitor moorings for the evening to allow time to visit the visitor centre and or tea-room. 

The following day we’ll have to have an extra wheetabix as we have an awful lot of locks ahead of us (23) ! At least we’re heading down hill … Assuming we’ve had enough energy to pen our way through them all, we’ll aim to moor for the evening in Slaithwaite. The views here really are breath-taking and if the weather is good, a lovely area to walk.

After a night here,we’ll continue our journey through the scenic landscape down towards Huddersfield where we’ll moor for a couple of days – perhaps on the Narrow canal first and then if there’s space, travel a little farther down towards the University area or even the start of the Broad Canal at Aspley Basin.

After a couple of nights to explore Huddersfield we'll bid our guests fairwell as they return home or continue on their travels independently .