After we’re had a few tips to Leeds, We’re going to change direction briefly and take a short (3 night) break up to Shepley Bridge and back.  This is a lovely cruise – hopping on and off the River Calder between Wakeifled Town and Cooper bridge, where we’ll turn on the 2nd day.   

Leaving Wakefield visitor moorings, we’ll turn left onto the River Calder and head upstream towards Thornes Cut.  After a short spell on the canal, we’ll rejoin the River and continue upstream to Broad cut, where we’ll leave  we’ll get back on to canal for a while.  It’ll be a pleasant run, passing through Horbury Bridge and passed the Dewsbury Arm before we head back on to the river once more. 

Our first evening’s stay will probably be rural either just before the Dewsbury arm (to facilitate a walk – perhaps to the Leggers Pub) or if we’re feeling a little more energetic, a little farther upstream after Thornhill Double Lock.  Compared to the broad canal and wide River around here, this is a relatively narrow a rural setting…. We quite like it.

Next morning after breakfast, we’ll head  back on to the River and continue upstream through Greenwood Lock,  then pass through  Shepley Bridge (where we’ll return for tonight’s mooring)  before we pass through Mirfield and on to Cooper Bridge Junction to turn. 

After an evening on the towpath at Shepley Bridge, we’ll begin our return journey, back downstream and hopefully enjoy a leisurely 5 hour cruise back to Wakefield  where our guests can leave us to return home or continue their independent exploration of the area.

19th-22nd September ( 3 nights)

From:      Wakefield Visitor Moorings               (Cadler & Hebble Navigation)

To:         Wakefield Visitor Moorings

         (Calder & Hebble Navigation)

Via:        Cooper Bridge (Calder                     & Hebble Navigation)

     HIGHTLIGHTS:          The Hepworth,

                                     Broad Cut,

                                     River Calder,

                                     Shepley Bridge,


                                     Safe Anchor Trust.


Wakefield to Cooper Bridge & Return



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