Since our last guests departed in Shipley/Saltaire, we’ll have taken a few days off to go back up the Bingley locks to Silsden and prepare for our new visitors.  We’ll collect them the top of the 5 rise where we’ll overnight in preparation for an early penning down when they open the next morning.  We might take a break in Saltaire for a look around before we continue on to Apperley Bridge where we’ll moor for the night – there are a couple of nice pubs here we’ve eaten in before so we’ll take a vote on which one to go for tea perhaps.    The next morning, we’ll head out towards pretty Airedale and Calverley ending our day’s cruising probably in Rodley. 

The next morning, we’ll be up and away in good time to get through the manned locks above Kirkstall, where we may pull up for lunch and perhaps a visit to the museum.  Hopefully, we’ll get a place in Granary Wharf for the next couple of days – we’ll send the crew in to check before we commit to the lock and if nothing is available, we’ll moor just past the lock and keep an eye on boat movements.  Spending a couple of nights in Leeds, will give us time to explore.  Leeds is home to plenty of good restaurants and museums so we’ll not be bored.  Once we’re done with Leeds, we’ve a short hop on the River Aire to in order to get back onto the Aire & Calder Navigation.  We’ll aim to moor for the night at Woodlesford or perhaps above Lemonroyd Marina.

The following morning we’ll get back on the river Aire and head downstream towards Castleford.  Depending on time/river flow, there may be opportunity for a detour through the flood lock for a brief stop… otherwise, we’ll turn from the Aire on to the Calder and head back upstream to Fairies Hill where we leave the river for another spell on the Aire and Calder Navigation up to Stanley Ferry.   We may spend our last evening at Stanley Ferry or if rain is forecast, go a bit further on into the Centre or Wakefield at the visitor moorings near the Ruddy Duck pub .

Our guests will depart the following morning  and we'll then head back to our home mooring.

Bingley Top Lock to Wakefield £695 pp

​               Including Bingley 5 & 3 rise locks

5th - 12th November 2019 (7 nights)

​From:         Bingley -top lock (Leeds &                Liverpool canal)

 To:            Wakefield Town (Aire & Calder

 HIGHLIGHTS:    Bingley 3 and 5 Rise,
                Rodley Nature Reserve,

                Kirkstall Brewery Museum,
                Leeds City Centre with                    Royal Armouries,
                Thwaites Mill Museum,
                Stanley Ferry Aqueduct,

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