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Cruise 12 - Llangollen to Nantwich

(Pontycysllte Aqueduct) £975pp

9th July – 16th July 2022 (7 nights)


From:    Llangollen (Llangollen Canal)

To:        Nantwich (Shropshire Union


VIA:     The Pontcysyllte Aqueduct,




                       Hurleston Junction,
                       Baddiley Hall,

                       Grindley Brook,
                       Prees Branch,

                       Montgomery Canal,

                       Chirk Castle,
                       Horseshoe Falls.

This trip consists of 47 miles of canal and 21 locks . There are 10 moveable bridges 4 small aqueducts or underbridges and 3 tunnels (Whitehouses Tunnel (191 yards long), Chirk Tunnel (459 yards long) and Ellesmere Tunnel (87 yards long)) – and 2 major aqueducts (Pontcysyllte Aqueduct and Chirk Aqueduct).

Hopefully we’ll have been able to spend a few days moored in Llangollen since our last guests departed – if not, we’ll have chugged back  to Chirk and will then make the return Journey to Llangollen to pick up our next visitors.

We expect folk to arrive around 13.30hrs and assuming they've been travelling that day, we'll aim to spend our first night moored either in the basin itself or if there isn't room, on the towpath approaching the town. This should give them some time to explore Llangollen before dinner or perhaps take a walk up to Horse-shoe falls.

Next morning we'll begin our journey down from Llangollen toward Trevor basin. It can be quite a busy stretch and at times is VERY narrow... with that in mind, it makes sense to send someone ahead (with a walkie talkie ) to check the coast is clear and/or ask any opposing traffic to hold water at a wide point where we can pass.

Once safely through the narrows, we'll take a right turn and chug over the World Heritage Site that is the Pontcysyllte  (no we can't pronounce it either) Aqueduct.  After we've gone over the aqueduct, we'll try and tie up for the day  at  Froncysyllte (another one we can't say) so our travelling companions can take walk down below the aqueduct for a photo opportunity.

After breakfast the following morning, we'll continue our journey – first passing through the Whitehouse Tunnel (191 yards) then Chirk Tunnel (459 yards) and Chirk Aqueduct. We'll suggest stopping for a while a Chirk bank to facilitate a visit to the beautiful Chirk Castle – perhaps the night but it'll depend on where we can get tied up.

Next stop will probably be Whitchurch – we'll try going up the arm to see if there is mooring space... if not, we'll come back down and then tie up on the mainline for the night. It is a reasonable walk back to Whitchurh but it's quite a pretty town so well worth the effort.


Likewise, if there are booking slots available, we may be able to take a diversion down the Montgomery canal – history suggests we avoid the Prees branch as it's very shallow and not really worth the effort of dragging our bum along the bottom - only too turn around at the marina and head back up.

The remainder of the trip can be quite fluid – we do have to bear in mind the (CRT controlled) staircase at Grindley Brook can become a bottle neck but we can explore the area at our (relative) leisure. As usual, we'll be on the look out for water/ refuse disposal points and we also need to bear in mind due to the local topography, 4g phone/internet and TV signals are very sporadic...ergo, if folk want to be able to watch tv or send an email etc. we may have a few attempts at finding the perfect end of day mooring... it's all part of the adventure!

Our last night together will be spent on the visitor moorings approaching Nantwich aqueduct or if there isn't space, the other side of the aqueduct where we expect our guests to depart after breakfast the following morning.


NB - It is quite a walk from the canal to the train station in Nantwich so for some guests, it might be worth their while arranging a taxi in advance.

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