Middleport - Etruria) £480pp 

(Harecastle Tunnel)

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Initially when we planned our journey through this area, we'd hoped to be able to explore more of the Caldon Canal, but due to our length, we had (no where to turn) we had to abandon it... it's a shame but we'll have spent a couple of days in the area since our last guests departed and hopefully have explored it on foot.

This short trip, is really just an excuse for guests to have an opportunity to go through Harecaastle tunnel and back – the skipper is gradually become acclimatised now to tunnels and as such, no longer needs a 'Carpenters CD' to soothe his passage.

Once our guests have joined us around Middleport bridge or winding hole, we'll chug off through Harecastle tunnel, with a plan to spend our first evening together moored up around Harding s Wood Junction or Church Lawton...

Next morning after breakfast, we'll chug on through a lot of locks to reach out winding destination of Wheelock (after lock 60) before retiring for the night.

Our 3rd full day's chugging will see us penning back through some 25 locks (single luckily) and back to the tunnel in readiness for passage the following morning – once through, we'll pass our starting point and chug on to our final nights mooring at Etruria visitor moorings where our guests can depart after breakfast on 11th June.

This is quite a heavily locked little cruise but hopefully with many hands and short queues it should be enjoyable... watch this space!

7th - 11th June  2020 (4 nights)

​From:         Middleport (Trent & Mersey)

To:               Hanley (Trent & Mersey)

HIGHLIGHTS:     Middleport,

                         Harecastle Tunnel,

                         Redbull Aqueduct,

                         Church Locks,

                         Hanley (Etruria)