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Stone to Westport Lake -

Potteries Cruise £540pp

29th September – 3rd October 2021 (4 nights)

Potteries Cruise

From:     Stone (Aston Marina – Trent             & Mersey Canal)


To:        Westport Lake (Stoke on                   Trent – Trent & Mersey         



VIA:        Barlarston


           Etruria Industrial Museum


           Stoke on Trent

As we approach the end of the cruising season, we intend on staying around the Stone area in preparation for our planned dry docking (for blacking) and winter mooring in Aston marina.


With this in mind, it seems a perfect time to offer a few shorter trips – focusing on the local attractions… The Potteries. 


Our guests will join us at either Aston Marina OR Stone bottom lock (whichever is easier for them )and after a quick introductory blah blah (and no doubt a glass of something fizzy) we’ll chug up stream through the Stone flight, Meaford locks and moor either in Barlaston Near “The Plume of Feathers” – or if there’s no space, a little farther on towards the Wedgewood factory in a bid to facilitate a visit the following day.


Once we’ve gone around the Wedgewood factory -  we’ll make the decision whether to overnight where we’re moored or chug on to the top of Etruria locks (there’s no where okish   to tie up really before then).  Whatever we’ve done, the next day will allow time to visit the Etruria Industrial Museum.

If we overnight in Etruria, after dinner the Capt. Might suggest a wander up to the “Holy Inadequet” pub – it’s a lovely place with lots of beers and quite often (well pre-covid anyway) a singer/act of some sort in the background.

On our Penultimate morning, we’ll try and moor up at the visitors moorings outside Middleport Pottery” so our guests can have a wander around/take the guided tour.  Once finished there, we’ll chug a little farther on the beautiful Westpork Lake for our final night together.

Our guests will depart after breakfast the following morning and we’ll prepare the boat for our next adventure… Harecastle Tunnel.

A short cruise to explore the potteries - Total distance is 13 miles and 15 locks . There are 4 small aqueducts or under bridges.

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