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We’ll have spent a few days in Hebden Bridge since our last guests left us – perhaps the new people joining us will have come a couple of days early to explore too – If you have, then please come and say hello … we’ll be the ones lounging on the back of the boat… perhaps having a G & T and reading in the (hopeful) sun.

Check out the website and see what’s on :

The town's website contains information about how to get there too so it’s worth  having a look at to work out the easiest way for you to join us.
                                                                                   . . . . .

We’ll probably spend the first evening mooring in Hebden so even if you’ve not had the chance to come early, we’ll still have a  short while here  to explore.

After a night in the town, we’ll set off towards  the Summit -  a  hard climb lays ahead (depending on where abouts we tied up the previous night)…  The views are breath-taking and despite  how tiring it can be, worth every bit of effort.  After a mooring for the night in Todmorden  we’ll continue our journey  onwards and aim to arrive around West summit lock 37 and wait until 9 am the following morning for the CFT folk to unlock and let us continue. 

More hard locks lay ahead of us but we’ll have had  3 shredded wheat to ensure we can cope! After another day of beautiful scenery we’ll moor up around Littleborough (lock 47).    The next day will be a bit easier and we’ll chug along towards Castleton – Blue Pitts lock before tying up for the day. 

Our next day will take us towards Chadderton where we’ll continue on before we moor for the  evening around Failsworth – lock 65….which is unlocked by CRT at 8.30 am the following morning to allow 4 boats per day passage into Manchester.    Speaking (well writing) of the next day, it will be our aim to get into Central Manchester and somewhere after Dukes Lock – (92) or Castlefield Basin on the Bridgewater Canal where we’ll moor for our final evening - in the Centre of Manchester having passed through the Rochdale 9 and Canal Street.

Our guests can depart the following day and head home or continue their exploration of Manchester Independently.

It may be possible to add an additional night’s stay on the boat (for a small fee) as we plan to spend a few days in Manchester  ourselves to visit friends before we begin  our return journey…   Manchester is a very vibrant city with lots of things going on all year round. Check out the visit Manchester website here : 

Hebden Bridge to Manchester

10th - 17 July (7 nights)

From:       Hebden Bridge (Rochdale                 Canal)

To:               Manchester (Bridgewater                 Canal)

HIGHTLIGHTS:      Hebden Bridge,


                            Clegg Hall,




                            Rochdale 9,

                            Castlefield Basin.