​Foulridge to Wigan

We begin at the Eastern Portal of Foulridge Tunnel.  Guests can take a train to COLNE station which is a little over 2 miles from Foulridge and either catch a bus (taking around 13 mins) or a taxi which will take around 10 mins.  Depending on arrival time, we might have an overnight stay before passing through the 1640yard long tunnel the following morning as soon as breakfast is completed OR chug through the tunnel on day one and moor up a mile or so on the western side of the portal.  

With the Barrowford locks ascended we’ll have reached the summit of the canal and from here on for quite some time the route is quite industrial.  Today we’ll travel through Burnley over various smaller aqueducts and across the famous Burnley Embankment – built 60 ft. high and nearly a mile long ... a detour to avoid  following the contours around the valley.  It’s regarded as one of the seven wonders of Britain’s Waterways… In times gone by, mooring was recommended here but it’s now generally accepted it’s best to pass through and try to moor in less built up areas.  Once over the embankment, we’ll enter the Weavers Triangle area of Burnley and soon come across the preserved wharehouse wharf and former wharf master’s house which contains the Weavers Triangle Visitor Centre.

The Industrial remains of a once vibrant economy continue to make their presence known and before long we’ll pass over the M65 motorway aqueduct before we enter the Gannow tunnel (559yards) and begin to look for our mooring for the evening somewhere around Rose Grove.  After a (hopefully) peaceful night, we’ll have a leisurely start and head off towards Hapton which is quite an attractive area in what is otherwise still quite industrial.  A Shorter day, mooring somewhere around Church or perhaps just before Rishton.  The railway and motorway are never far away in this stretch but we’ll try and find a balance between them.  The following day we’ll begin our journey through Blackburn and the 6 locks. This was until recently a neglected area but it IS improving now with some excellent views.  Once through the suburbs, we might moor for the day at Cherry Tree or near the greener Witton Weavers Way.  The following morning, we’ll cast off and continue on towards Chorley, where we’ve another flight of 7 close and heavy locks to work through before retiring for the day   either before or just after Botany Bay.  After a night in Chorley, we continue along the canal towards Addlington before we moor for one final evening, perhaps just before the top of the 21 lock Wigan flight where our guests can depart and take a taxi to continue their journey homeward bound.


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4th-11th May2018 (7 nights)

From: ​ Foulridge (EasternPortal) (Leeds          &  Liverpool Canal)

 To:     Wigan (top lock) (Leeds &                Liverpool Canal)

HIGHLIGHTS:    Foulridge Tunnel 

                       Burnley Embankment

                       Weavers Triangle
                       Rose Grove

                       Bottony Bay
                       Haigh Hall
                       Wigan 21