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We plan to hang around in Liverpool for a  few days and do "touristy things" ourselves (neither of us having spent any real amount of time in the City) before we begin our return journey.  It's amazing how different the scenery appears going the other way so to speak - historically we've often done out and back journeys on hire boats and whilst we thought  it would be frustrating to begin with, it was actually quite rewarding and we often spotted so many things we’d missed first time around.

We'll begin our journey from Eldonian Basin (or nearby if it's easier for our guests to alight) and head towards Aintree  (famous for it’s racecourse and retail park)for our first nights mooring.   The following morning, We’ll set off towards Halsall which will be tonight’s mooring location where you may visit The Grade 1 14th Century  St Cuthbert’s Church  - it’s probably the most  notable landmark in the area.  We might stay here for the next day to allow time for a visit to Crosby Beach to see Antony Gormley’s “Another Place”  an eerie but beguiling installation of bronze statues firmly planted in the sand looking out to sea.

The next morning, we’ll continue onwards towards Crooke Village or Marina for an early mooring – perhaps outside the Crooke Hall  Inn where we may drop in for a libation (or 2)… Assuming we’ve not gotten too carried away, we’ll head off the following morning and try to get to Wigan Pier to overnight in preparation for when the Wigan 21 lock flight opens the following morning.  It’ll have to be another 3 shredded wheat morning as going up hill (penning up as it’s correctly called ) is a bit more tiring than downhill!  Once we’ve exited the flight, we’ll continue a short way if desired to overnight before our guests leave us to continue their travels or return home.

​Liverpool to Wigan.

25th May- 1st June 2018 (7 nights)

​   ​From: ​    Liverpool - Eldonian                      Village (Leeds &                          Liverpool Canal)

   To:         Wigan 21 Top lock  (Leeds               & Liverpool Canal)
HIGHLIGHTS:    ​Wigan 21
                        Wigan Pier
                        Crooke Village
​                        Halsall
                        Crosby Beech