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Northampton to Market Harborough

Grand Union Canal - Leicester Section

£1140pp  (£2280per charter)

Cruise 17 -    21st to 27th August  2025 (6 nights)
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Northampton Embankment Moorings to Market Harborough Wharf is a trip of 46 miles and 41 locks.


Ellis will have spent s few days moored in Northampton prepping for the next leg of her journey ‘home for winter’… it’s funny writing that actually… as ‘home’ is really wherever we moor – I just like being up in Stone during the winter months these days so as to be able to reconnect with friends and be in familiar surroundings during the darkest months of winter.


We’ll expect our guests to arrive about 1.30pm and after an introductory blah blah (and most probably a glass of something fizzy) we’ll depart Northampton  and depending on weather / how energetic guests are feeling we MAY put long first afternoon in to get up the Northampton flight, before mooring for the evening near Gayton Junction.


Capt. E. will be a bit calmer now that Blisworth tunnel has been endured… 8 years in and he still HATES tunnels!   From now onwards ‘Ellis’ will be chugging in familiar ground (well, water) as we head to Norton Junction and turn on to the Leicester  Section.


Roughly speaking, we’ll need to cover around 4-5 hours chugging each day in order to reach Market Harborough   by mid afternoon on our final full day – some days will be longer than others if necessary for water/fuel and refuse stops.


Hopefully there’ll be opportunity to visit a few pubs and explore various towns and villages along the way… we’ll pass through/by:  Watford Locks (Staircase), Crick,  North Kilworth, Husbands Bosworth,  Foxton Locks (Staircase)  before arriving at Market Harborough Wharf , where guests will depart after breakfast on the final morning

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