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Fazeley Mill to Rugby

Birminham & Fazeley Canal

North Oxford Canal

£950 pp  (£1900 per charter)

Cruise 2 - 10th - 15th  April 2025 (5 nights)
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Fazeley Mill Marina to Rugby Visitor Mooring is a trip of 34 miles, and 14 locks.


We’ll expect our guests to arrive about 1.30pm  and after an introductory blah blah (and most probably a glass of something fizzy) we’ll depart  Fazeley Mill  and put in an hour or so chugging (depending on the weather) before stopping for our 1st night together on the visitor moorings at the top of Glascote locks…  hopefully.


The next morning (after a simple DIY breakfast), we’ll chug off and make our way through Tamworth and Polesworth before stopping at the bottom of Atherstone Lock flight – there can be restricted opening hours for the flight these days so we’ll aim to be up and off first thing to (hopefully) avoid queues and/or low pounds.


Once up the flight, we’ll either tie up for the night or chug out a few miles into countryside – it’s a lovely stretch of canal with plenty of nice places to moor up.  To be honest, it’s probably best to put in a hour or so chugging if the weather is nice as we’ve a reasonable distance to cover in the coming days.  All the locks are behind us now so sight-seeing is the order of the day.


Our journey on the coming day will take us to Hawkesbury Junction and on to the North Oxford canal.  Depending on arrival time we can either moor before or after the junction… spaces after can often be difficult to find so we’ll have to play it by ear so to speak.



Depending on where we’ve ended up, it may be possible to have a wander into the Greyhound pub on the junction for a libation (and to watch other boats making the tight turn.


The final day travelling will see us pass through Ansty, Brinklow, Newbold Tunnel  (250 yards) and we’ll moor for our final night together near Brownsover (Rugby), where guests can depart the next morning after breakfast to make their way home.


None of the mooring spots are set in stone and we can take each day as it comes.  The distances to be travelled are not massive but there is always potential to spend the whole day on the Atherstone Flight OR get snarled up at Glascote locks.  Once they are out of the way, Capt. E relaxes a bit more and enjoys the journey.

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