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Cruise 16 - Etruria to Stone (Via Westport Lake)

£575 pp


14th – 18th August  2022 (4 nights)
Bird Watching & Potteries Cruise
From:    Etruria  (Trent & Mersey Canal)
To:         Stone (Trent & Mersey Canal)
Via :       West port Lake,
               Middleport ,
               Stoke on Trent,
               Etruria Industrial Museum,

Since our previous trip ended , we’ll have cleaned the boat, stocked up and  be ready for our new guests to arrive around 1.30pm.


After an introductory blah blah (and probably glass of something fizzy), we’ll pull rope  ropes  and chug off towards  Middleport Pottery – perhaps stopping if there’s time… if not, we’ll press on to Longport and Westport Lake for our first night together … given the time of year, if we see a space we should probably get moored up asap as it’s a popular summer mooring spot.  


There should be time before dinner for our guests to take a walk around the lake or perhaps explore the visitor centre – if not, then then we’ll loiter a while after breakfast the following morning to facilitate a spot of bird watching. 


Assuming we’ve spent the morning tied up , after lunch we’ll chug up to the Entrance of Harecastle tunnel and turn around.  It’s a bit tight to be honest and doesn’t always go according to plan.  Luckily  Capt. Ellis is used to looking incompetent (and  more importantly) is past worrying about looking a fool.


Once the boat is pointing the right way, well retrace our steps (chugs) and travel back to Etruria.  If a visit to the Industrial Museum is desired, we’ll moor up and probably spend the night above the staircase locks.


Next morning after breakfast we’ll descend the locks and work our way through Stoke on Trent and tonight’s mooring will be close to ‘Wedgewood World’ – dependent upon timings, it may be possible for our guests to take a guided tour this afternoon (if desired) but if not,  they can do so the following morning. 


We’ll lunch before we depart and then continue our final afternoon’s chugging to Stone –It may be possible to tie up above Stone bottom lock but more likely, we’ll have to descend and then find a space further down… hopefully not TOO far from Marks & Spencers.  Don’t worry though, if we end up a bit of a trek away, we’ll help you carry your bag when you depart after breakfast the following morning.


This is a short trip – 16 miles and 14 locks .... mainly to allow excursions to Wedgewood World, Westport Lake Nature Reserve and perhaps a pub visit (or 2).  Whilst it’s listed as 4 nights, if excursions are not desired, it can be changed to a 3 night trip instead.

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