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Lincoln to Worksop
(Fossdyke Navigation, Tidal Trent and Chesterfield Canal)
£1250pp (£2500 per Charter)
Trip 3 – 21st to 28th April (7 nights)


This trip is now booked

Lincoln (Fossdyke Navigation) to Worksop (Chesterfield Canal)

This is a trip of 50 miles and 16 locks including Tidal Section of the River Trent



Having spent a couple of days in Linclon to recover from the previous tidal section, Capt. Ellis should be just about ready for our next jaunt.   We’ll expect our guests to arrive about 1.30pm and after an introductory blah blah (and most probably a glass of something fizzy) we’ll depart and put in a few hours more than usual for a 1st afternoon – we need to get to Torksey Lock moorings ready to go onto the tidal section tomorrow.   This’ll mean a later mooring than ideal but we’ll  muddle along and all should be well.


Assuming the tides are on our side, next morning we’ll be on our way down the Trent towards West Stockwith Lock (it’s about 13/14 miles)  so lunch will either be on the hoof or delayed until we’re safely off tidal waters.   West Stockwith Basin will be tonight’s mooring.


Day 3 will see a much more relaxed Capt. Ellis as we chug along the Chesterfield canal.  This is all new territory so we’ll take it nice and slowly after the last adrenaline fuelled couple of days.  No specific lunching stops are planned, but we’ll aim to tie up for the evening somewhere after Drakeholes Tunnel.


As this is new territory, the remainder of the journey can be ad-hoc.  Perhaps a night at Retford & Worksop boat club or in Retford itself… so long as we reach Worksop by the final night, we can play it by ear.  


There is possibly scope (depending on the physical ability & willingness of our guests) to put in some longer days to travel beyond Worksop, through Shireoaks and all the way to the end of the navigation before returning to Worksop – HOWEVER this adds an awful lot of locks over the last couple of days so is totally dependent upon fitness levels (and decent weather).

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