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Narrowboat Ellis


Oh Hello - you've found us then... we're hoping that's as a result of a search for "live-aboard Narrowboat experience"...  if so, then you've come to the right place as that's exactly what we do - Narrowboat Ellis offers a Relaxed, Informal Narrow-Boating Experience – somewhere between a Hotel boat and a boating trip with old friends….

We don’t market ourselves as a hotel boat as such – mainly because of our wish to share our lifestyle with people rather than wait on them hand and foot.  The boat isn’t sign written as a hotel boat... we have the appropriate insurance in place and Boat safety certification but prefer to keep as low key as possible.

Instead, we invite people to come spend a holiday on our boat (we live on-board fulltime) like a live-a-board owner would rather than just be a tourist on the canals. We  enjoy our time travelling around the system…guests are welcome to do as much crew work as they like and have a go on the tiller.  The same applies to catering – whilst we’ll happily provide 3 meals a day, neither Captain (or crew)  are ‘Cordon Bleu’ chefs … and there’ll be days when we’ll suggest going to a local pub for dinner but generally we’ll all muck in and conjure up some excellent fayre.

The plan is to avoid being too regimented…  there’ll be times when we HAVE to fill up with water, pump out the black water tank  or service the engine… all of which you’re welcome to help with (especially the black water)  OR if you’d rather, have a walk/read a book or just sit and people watch.  
We’re not selling this well are we? – the point we’re making here is that we LOVE the life-style and people.  Being part of a relaxed/friendly community is far more rewarding than either of us ever expected - Living on the canal network full-time is a friendly way of life which allows us the opportunity to meet many interesting characters as we travel our way around the system. 


If nothing appeals, then please feel free to get in touch and let us know what you would prefer – if we can accommodate, be assured we will.  In the meantime - please click on                       and send your details … if you include your phone number, we’ll give you a call for a chat to see if we can help create your perfect experience!

‘look forward to hearing from you…

Mark  - AKA "Captain Legs Ellis"... 

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