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Rugby to Banbury

North Oxford Canal

Grand Union Canal

South Oxford

£1140 pp  (£2280 per charter)

Cruise 3 - 18th to 24th April 2025 (6 nights)
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Rugby to Banbury Visitor Moorings - This is a trip of 37 miles, and 25 locks 


We’ll expect our guests to arrive about 1.30pm  and after an introductory blah blah (and most probably a glass of something fizzy) we’ll depart Rugby  and put in an hour or so chugging (depending on the weather) – possibly even working our way up Hill Morton locks (to avoid getting stuck in a queue tomorrow) before stopping for our 1st night together.


The next morning (after a simple DIY breakfast), we’ll chug off and make our way towards Braunston – perhaps lunching outside the Boat House pub (or even an over night there if folks would like to explore.  It’s a really pretty area and the iconic Braunston turn and iron bridges are well known.


If we HAVE moored at the Boathhouse , we’ll have to reverse a little and then take the turn on to the Grand Union main line to continue our journey.  Alternatively, we could chug on a little further to the winding hole.  Either way, today  will see us working our way towards  Napton Junction/Wigrams turn where well leave the broad locks of the Grand Union to join the  Oxford canal proper and we’ll make a judgment call at the time whether to stop for the day at the bottom of the flight or work our way up the 8 locks… mooring at the top is not the easiest if it’s busy but as It’ll only be for 1 night, it all ad to the adventure.


The next section of the canal is quite lovely with lots of twists and turns – although you don’t seem to travel far as the crow flies.    Fenny Compton will be our aim for this evening – as close to the pub as possible… last time Ellis was here,  we were lucky enough to see the Mikron Theatre Group put on a performance which was not to be missed.


Claydon  locks are our next obstacle – depending on our arrive time, we may end up having to wait for CRT to run some water down as they are becoming notoriously  unreliable sadly. 


Assuming our transit down the locks has been uneventful we’ll be spending tonight  in or around Cropedy – home to the famous  musical convention.


As tomorrow will be our last day travelling, we’ll aim to be up and off early so as to (hopefully) time our arrival in Banbury AFTER last nights traveller have moved off but before the newbies arrive – ergo, be able to plug in to a mains power bollard to make Ellis’s ‘post guest’ laundry cycle SO much easier.  Arriving early will give guests the opportunity to explore Banbury before they depart after breakfast tomorrow.


The distances to be travelled on this trip are not massive however due to the potential for lock queues/water shortages,  Capt. E. will most likely try and put longer days in at the start of the cruise.

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