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Nantwich to Etruria
(Shropshire Union Canal and Trent & Mersey Canal)
£1250 pp (£2500 per charter)
Trip 19 – 22nd September to 29th September (7nights)


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Nantwich (Shropshire Union Canal) to Etruria (Trent  & Mersey canal)


This is the final trip of the 2024 season for Ellis – Capt. E will be quite tired… probably a bit grumpy and ready to plug into shoreline back in the marina for a few months R & R.    As such, whilst Ellis has done this trip over the course of 2/3 days in good weather previously, it’s going to be a leisurely jaunt.


The route we’re taking includes Middlewich (and thus Heartbreak Hill) but the aim is to split that over 2 days.


Guests will arrive approximately 1.30pm on day one and after an introductory blah blah (and most probably glass of something fizzy) we’ll chug off and spend tonight at Barbridge – Chances are we’ll eat in the pub but that’ll depend on finances.


Next morning (after a simple DIY breakfast), we’ll cast off and make our way towards  Church Minshull on the Middlewich branch (for Lunch)  - probably stopping off in Venetion Marina for a pump out and top up of water.  Tonight we’ll moor on the approach to Middlewich (if there’s room) or if not after Kings Lock (on the Trent and Mersey – walking to the local chippy for tea (although given the recent prices we may end up sharing a bag!).


Next morning we’ll begin Heartbreak Hill – breaking off for lunch at Wheelock probably  (water and pubs)… and stopping at the top of Malkins Bank overnight.


Day 4 will see us reach Church Lawton – possibly depending upon progress, going on to Kidsgrove for tea in one of the pubs there.


If we’ve made good progress, we may go through Harecastle tunnel a day ahead of planned and moor at Westport lake.  We can stay here for a couple of nights to allow time to walk around the lake and bird watch – the idea being to move on to Middleport Pottery’s visitor moorings for when they open at  10 penultimate morning… it’s an interesting place to look around and you can usually get a volunteer tour guide.


Once we’ve finished with Middleport, we’ll press on to try and moor for the final night at The Toby Carvery at Festival park (another lazy tea?) or on to the visitor moorings near Etruria top lock where this trip will end after breakfast the final morning*


*  IF guests are departing by train, Given Ellis is heading back to Stone over the next couple of days, there is scope to skip breakfast and work our way down Stoke Locks to get nearer the station -  it’s just off the canal at Stoke bottom lock (5  locks down) near bridge 113 and takes just over an hour by boat.   Although the walk from Etruria down the canal is only about a mile for our more energetic visitors.

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